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Mixed bags

Nov. 6

Duck hunts have been going well with mixed bags of puddle ducks being the norm. There has been a good push of small Canada subspecies of geese moving onto the front range with a fair number of snow geese. More Mallards have been trickling in as well.

Duck hunts, and new arrivals!

Nov, 5

Duck hunting has been fair to good depending upon the day and weather conditions. The full moon is effecting success as the birds are moving very early with some as early as 20 minutes before legal shooting hours! The upside to the moon phase is fresh arrivals both ducks and geese are migrating in during the night. Hunting will improve as the moon begins to now wane. We had a fair duck hunt Saturday, the birds were skittish early with the glass calm conditions, but the hard wind that developed later in the morning brought some good decoying birds and exciting action.

It begins

Nov 1

The task of digging pits and putting lids on has begun. New geese showed up in the area around Halloween, and the numbers are on a slow rise along with some ducks. Still no big numbers of Mallards as of yet.

Oct. 26

A very windy morning today, duck hunting remains slow to fair. We are shooting ducks everyday with Mallards, Gadwall and teal being the primary species. Still waiting on a real push from the north, tomorrow??

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