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Colorado duck hunting can be fast and exciting with a smattering of species available from puddlers to divers. We offer fully guided morning or afternoon duck hunts on water and dry land for diversity. Colorado's duck season can be fantastic, but often short lived. Depending upon the weather,and conditions hunts can be productive from October through January. You may be hunting ponds, a warm water slough, or a picked corn field, no matter where you will be blinds are comfortable and well camouflaged. Come hunt ducks with Front Range Guide Service and marvel at the sound of wind ripping through primary feathers as birds decoy the right way for optimum shooting opportunities. Primary species include Mallards,Gadwall,Widgeon,Teal,Shovelers, but it is not uncommon to shoot Redheads,Buffleheads,Wood ducks and other species as well. Duck hunting in Colorado can develop in short order,so getting on the call list is a good idea to assure you plan your outings right. Being an accomplished duck caller and having spots where the ducks want to be assures your success. All hunts are over premium multi species decoy sets that include floaters, full body, and various motion producing decoys. We also offer early Teal and Dove hunts to hone your shooting skills and fix the pre-season blues. Both of these hunts are offered at very reasonable daily rates, and action often can be fantastic.Dove hunting on the Colorado Front Range can be very good early on if one is in the correct spot,we often have cut Wheat and Barley stubble and roosting/ watering areas that will provide consistent action providing the weather remains stable.Dove hunting here can be fast and furious if migrant birds are pushed from the north with weak cold fronts to boost the local populations.Dove hunts generally are a semi-guided,half day type hunt. Teal hunting is also offered and can be of a here today gone tomorrow type affair,or not here today,show up tomorrow type hunt as Bluewings, Cinnamon's, and Greenwinged Teal make their way for southern climes. Check the Rates and season dates page for more information.



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