Guest Info

Front Range Guide Service

Closest Airports:

Denver International Airport (we are only located one hour north of DIA)

What to Expect on a Hunt:

We want our clients to expect nothing less than a guided hunt with everything from decoys, calling, and hunt location to be provided. In return we do expect our clients to set out decoys the morning of the hunt, and to clean or take their own birds harvested.

Hunting Clothing to bring:

Although warm camo clothing is not required here at Front Range Guide service we do highly suggest it or recommend base colors or camo clothing when hunting at pit blinds or ground blinds. Clothing and layering should be appropriate based on the conditions.

What To Bring:

Hunters must bring their own shotgun (plugs required), shells (preferably three inch two shot but it must be steel), and their own provisions of food and drinks for a full hunt’s duration.

Required Licenses:

Hunters must have a small game license, youth small game or combination license, federal duck stamp and a Colorado Waterfowl Stamp to hunt waterfowl as well as a current Colorado HIP number. 

To see more information or where to buy a license visit

Are Client Dogs Allowed?

Clients dogs are more than welcomed here at Front Range Guide Service, but the only condition that we require is the clients dog must hold steady until released to retrieve otherwise it is up to the guides judgment if the dog is allowed to hunt during the guide trip.  

Season Dates:



Dates: September 1 – November 29 annually.

Daily Bag Limit:

Fifteen (15) mourning doves or white-winged doves singly or in the aggregate. 3. Possession Limit:

Three (3) daily bag limits.

Special Conditions and Restrictions

While in the field or during transport, all dressed (not fully feathered) doves shall be counted against the daily bag or possession limit for mourning and white-winged doves.


Lake and Chaffee counties and all areas east of I-25.

Dates: September 10 9 – September 18, 2022 17, 2023.

Daily bag limit: Six (6).

Possession Limit: Three (3) daily bag limits.


Balance of Central Flyway – All areas east of the Continental Divide, except North Park, South Park and San Luis Valley.


Dark goose: October 31, 2022 30, 2023 – February 12, 2023 11, 2024.

Light goose: October 29, 2022 28, 2023 – February 12, 2023 11, 2024.

Daily Bag Limit:

Dark goose: Five (5).

Light goose Fifty (50).

Possession limit:

Dark goose: Three (3) daily bag limits.

Light goose: Unlimited.


Central Flyway Northeast Zone – All areas east of Interstate 25 and north of Interstate 70.


First season: October 8 14 – November 27, 2022 26, 2023.

Second season: December 18, 2022 11 – January 31, 2023 2024.

Daily Bag Limit:

Ducks and Mergansers: Six (6) in the aggregate. Of the six (6), no more than five

(5) mallards, of which no more than two (2) can be female, one (1) pintail, two (2)

canvasback, two (2) redheads, three (3) wood ducks, and one (1) scaup.

Coots: Fifteen (15).

Possession limit: Three (3) daily bag limits.


Central Flyway – All areas east of I-25.


February 13 12 – April 30, 2023 2024.

Daily bag limit: Unlimited.

Possession limit: Unlimited.

Special Conditions and Restrictions

Recorded or electronically amplified calls may be used to take light geese during the conservation order season.

Hunting of light geese is allowed from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise to one-half (1/2) hour after sunset.

A Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp is not required to take light geese during the conservation order season.

Shotguns capable of holding more than three rounds in the magazine and chamber combined may be used to take light geese during the conservation order season.

All other regulations applicable to hunting migratory waterfowl in Colorado apply to taking light geese during the conservation order season.