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Colorado goose guide

Jeff Colwell

Owner/Head Guide

I'm Jeff Colwell, owner/head guide of Front Range Guide Service. I am a Colorado native and have been hunting waterfowl here on the Front Range for over 30 years.

My waterfowling start began at the age of 7 years when I went on my first duck hunt right here on the Front Range of Colorado. Now being over 50, I have watched a transformation of this area over the years that many have not witnessed. Years ago migration paths were different, and wintering geese were fewer and farther between. Until I reached the teen years, our resident population of Canada geese was much smaller, and goose hunting opportunities were spread across a much smaller area.

I was fortunate to have been raised in Loveland, only a few short miles from the spot where our local flock was started. Back in those days, duck hunting was better, and goose hunting at times was more of a "opportunity". Back then goose decoy spreads were not as common on the Front Range, and Lamar, Co. was known as the hotspot. This evolution of goose hunting grabbed my heart and soul, and created the zeal for the sport that I still have today.

The love for the outdoors has led me in many directions including guiding, sporting goods retail, tournament bass fishing, calling competitions, judging, and hunting and fishing across the U.S. and into Canada.

There came a point in life where I needed a top priority, and that is where my beautiful wife Debbie and my two wonderful children came in to play. They, along with my parents and close personal friends realized that I also had another high priority, and helped me start my dream company known today as Front Range Guide Service. Hopefully I will get to share that zeal for the sport I still have with you this season.

Colorado goose guide

Colton Colwell


I'm Colton Colwell, Jeff's oldest son and guide for F.R.G.S. I have been hunting geese since the age of 4 and have developed a strong passion for not only waterfowl, but guiding that is nothing short of an obsession. My passion for hunting will no doubt be evident whether hunting Canadas, snows or ducks.I strive to hunt the moment, and take pride in my work, therefore you will get my 100% everyday, things I can control will not be the reason for a tough day in the field. Hopefully I will get to share that passion with you in the field this season.

Colorado goose guide


Kyle Fagler


My name is Kyle Fagler, I'm from southeastern Wyoming. I grew up along the Front Range of Colorado and have been guiding duck, goose and crane hunts for fourteen years now full time, three years part time. I enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfowl industry and meeting new people all the time. When it's not hunting season I am spending the off months training hunting labs at home for my own business Guides Choice Retrievers along with being a dad to my daughter Lauren who has been my right hand man at her young age.

Colorado/Nebraska goose guide



Marc Moorhead

Guide Nebraska operation

My name is Marc Moorhead. I was born and raise on a farm in western Nebraska. My wife and I own and operate the family farm, along with my dad. Growing up within miles of both Platte Rivers, many warm water sloughs and several reservoirs there were always plenty of waterfowl in the area. At an early age I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by my dad, a diehard goose hunter. I have been obsessed ever since. Over the last 20+ years I have hunted waterfowl throughout Nebraska and Colorado. The last few years I have been lucky enough to have my seven year old son tag along with me sometimes. I also enjoy hunting ducks, deer, elk and dove. When it’s not hunting season, you will find me on the water fishing! I am always excited to share my passion of waterfowl hunting with everyone from the hardcore hunter to someone’s first goose. I have taken many people on duck and goose hunts in Nebraska over the years and joined Front Range Guide Service in the spring of 2020.

Colorado goose guide

Forrest Carpenter


Forrest grew up chasing geese along the Front Range of Northern Colorado. As a Colorado native he has spent the past 20 seasons hunting our area. In those 20 years he has guided for 12 years locally, as well as in West Texas for 7 years. He loves not only duck and goose hunting, but also competition calling. Forrest has won 2 World Goose Calling Championships (Junior World 2005, World Live 2011), 3 Colorado State Goose titles, 3 Colorado State Duck titles, and has placed in the top 10 in the World Duck Calling Contest. He and his wife Brooke live in Berthoud, and Forrest spends his summers flying DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes for a fishing lodge in remote Western Alaska. We are proud to have Forrest as an addition to the Front Range team on a part time basis.

goose guide


Jake Sandau


My name is Jake Sandau. I was born and raised in Eaton Colorado where we have a family farm that I grew up hunting geese with my cousin and grandpa. My passion for waterfowl has grown exponentially once I started college, I went from hunting waterfowl ten to twelve times a year to hunting almost everyday. I am still learning a lot and have been blessed enough to learn from some of the most successful waterfowl guides on the Front Range. At the end of the day the most important part is enjoying the sport of waterfowl, and making sure this amazing sport continues to grow.



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