Season Dates, Limits, Pricing


MOURNING DOVES-September 1 -Nov. 29 , 2021
Limit-15 Mourning Doves,no limit on Eurasion Collared Doves Collared Doves year round.
Possession Limit-(3) Daily bag limits,no possession limit on fully feathered Eurasion Collared Doves. Price-$160 per gun half day

SEPT. EARLY TEAL- September 11 -19 , 2021 Limit-Six Teal
Possession Limit-(3) Daily bag limits. Price-$300 per gun half day morning hunts only. (2 gun min.-4 gun max)

November 1 ,2021-February 13,2022 , Limit-(5) Dark Geese,(50) Light Geese
Possession Limit-(3) Daily bag limits. Price-$260 per gun half day, $300 per gun full day.(3 gun min.-5 gun max.) Options for multiple pits for larger groups.

October 9 -November 28 ,2021 second split December 18 -January 31 ,2022
Limit-(6) Ducks,excluding Mergansers.Of the six ducks,no more than (5) may be Mallards
of which no more than (2) can be hens.Also of these six no more than (1) Pintails (2) Canvasback,
(2) Redheads,(3) Wood Ducks (1) Scaup.The limit for Mergansers is(5),no more than (2) of these can be Hooded Mergansers.The limit for Coots is(15) Possession Limit-(3) Daily bag limits. Price-$300 per gun half day hunts only,( 2 gun min-4 gun max.)

Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days
Oct.2,3 2021, Limits same as above regular seasons.

All goose hunts are a (3) gun minimum. Youth hunters under the age of 12 are $160 per gun

Nebraska Light Goose Conservation Action
Zone 3-West unit, Feb 2022 -April 2022.  Pricing packages available, daily rates $350 per gun.

Nebraska Spring Turkey Season- April -May 2022, Up to three birds. Call for pricing packages, all above dates and rates subject to change.

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  • Resident Small Game License-$30.11
  • Nonresident Small Game License(one day)-$13.90
  • Youth(under 18) Small Game License-$1.26
  • Colorado State Waterfowl Stamp-$10
  • Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp-$25

A Hunters Safety Card is required to purchase a license in Colorado, a copy will not be accepted, it must be your original card.

All Colorado waterfowl hunters born on or after Jan. 1 1949, must have a card to purchase a license in the state of Colorado, no exceptions will be made with license clerks.

Goose and duck hunters in Colorado are also required to sign up for the Harvest Information Program, otherwise known as HIP before their license is valid.This number is on the physical license and must be called in, or registered online prior to hunting waterfowl in the state of Colorado.

Colorado nonresident goose and duck hunters may also purchase a license online by using a credit card at




Goose and Duck Hunting on Colorado's Front Range can offer a variety of temperatures, so dress according and be prepared to shed clothing as conditions warrant. Temperatures on the Eastern Front range can have swings of over 30 degrees in the course of one day.

Temperatures in the Fall and Winter can be from 70 degrees to well below zero so warm clothing and boots are highly recommended, along with any other personal gear such as sunglasses and even sunscreen. Some Duck Hunts may require a pair of hip boots or waders. We recommend using 12 gauge shotguns with either improved cylinder or open chokes with nontoxic (steel, hevi-shot) in BB's, BBB's for geese and 2's ,4's for ducks.



Several items are not included in the package pricing these are: Transportation to and from the hunting location, bird cleaning and storage, licenses and stamps, ammo and firearms, lodging, meals and guide gratuity. We can assist you in the booking of a clean comfortable room at a company discounted rate.

We also can point you in the right direction for supplies, restaurants and other needs that you may have. It is our main objective to assure your stay and hunt is as pleasant as possible.

For spouses or others traveling with you on your hunt that are not hunting, there are numerous shopping and site seeing opportunities throughout the Front Range region.

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